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Here are the facts!

The most common myth about waterbeds is the feeling of seasickness. With modern technology the amount of movement in any waterbed can be reduced to over 95%. With the option of a 'dual system' mattress kit, each mattress is independent of the other and can be temperature controlled separately.

Millions of pounds are spent every year by the food and leisure industries to promote a healthy diet and to look after our own bodies. We spend around a third of our life in bed and promotion in what is considered to be the best way to sleep is usually left to the individual retailers. We may be all different heights shapes, sizes and weights but every one of us needs sleep. Our best recommendations come from existing waterbed users.

A waterbed offers a quality of life not possible on any other sleep system as the entire body is totally and evenly supported. The buoyancy of the water results in a natural support without any unnecessary, uncomfortable pressure points as the water mattress conforms to your own body shape thereby allowing your spine to fully relax and take its natural shape giving you a comfortable night's sleep. You will wake up in the morning relaxed and ready to face the challenges of the day. Total body support is achieved however you lie - on your back, front or side.


Conventional Mattress
Conventional Mattress
Your conventional mattress creates "Pressure points" on any area of greater weight concentration


Water Mattress
Water Mattress
Conforms to the exact shape of your body, providing total support and eliminating uncomfortable "pressure points"


Waterbeds are thermostatically heated. The warmth of a waterbed helps your muscles to relax resulting in improved blood circulation while alleviating sore or stiff muscles and joints. Better circulation means you toss and turn less and get a better night's sleep. The even support and adjustable warmth makes a waterbed an excellent choice.

Benefits sufferers of the following:

·  Backache

·  Arthritis

·  Asthma / Allergies

·  Bed sores

·  Insomnia

What Are The Health Benefits Of Using A Waterbed?

Waterbeds are the best sleep system we know to help our bodies relax and to provide maximum body support. They are comfortable, hygienic and durable. Discover a better way to sleep, night after night, year after year.

Asthma and Allergies

Waterbeds offer superior hygiene and are an excellent choice for people who suffer with asthma, eczema or allergies. The house dust mite has been identified as one of the trigger factors for people with these conditions. The distressing symptoms are know to be aggravated by an allergy to a substance in the droppings of the house dust mite. For people with allergies, reducing the number of mites droppings and dust in their surroundings, can help reduce their symptoms. Dust mites collect most significantly in mattresses. Everybody loses moisture and dead skin at night while sleeping. Absorbed into an ordinary mattress it is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites to multiply, building up year on year. This cannot happen in a water mattress The water mattress covers can be removed and washed at 60 degrees C at which temperature mites are killed. Easy access to the mattress enables regular cleaning. A water mattress is non-porous. Simply washing the mattress down eliminates the house dust mites and skin debris from the waterbed.



A waterbed can aid in the treatment of backache by enabling the backache sufferer to sleep in a more comfortable and beneficial position. A unique distribution of support for the body assures that all parts of the body are evenly supported and that body weight is evenly distributed. Floatation systems remove pressure from the spine allowing the spinal muscles to fully relax. Doctors have also found that the addition of heat speeds up the relaxation process and increases circulation to rejuvenate problem areas.



Any person immobilised and confined to bed for a prolonged period is susceptible to bedsores (decubitus ulcers). The tissue being pinned between hard underlying bone and the surface of the bed for a long period of time causes these. The blood tissues are squeezed, making circulation to the tissues difficult. If cells are deprived of blood for a long period of time they eventually die, causing bedsores. Therefore, treatment relies on reducing these pressure points. A water mattress spreads the body weight evenly, so blood can circulate freely right through the body. The constant warmth of a waterbed further enhances this circulation.



Waterbeds are thermostatically heated. The warmth of the water helps your muscles to relax resulting in improved blood circulation while alleviating sore of stiff muscles and joints. A benefit enjoyed buy many people who suffer from arthritis. Better circulation means you toss and turn less and get a better nights sleep as your sub-conciouseness is allowed to unwind. The even support and adjusable warmth makes a waterbed an excellent choice.



This common (non!) sleep problem is caused by stress, discomfort, pain, light, noise etc. It is the inability to fall asleep quickly due to mental of physical problems. So how can a waterbed help? The short answer is:- relaxation. A waterbed is not a cure but it can provide an environment that helps the problem cure itself. Waterbeds conform perfectly to our bodies which are themselves 75% water. We literally 'float' on it so are effectively semi-weightless: So we relax! Our body's temperature is regulated by the bed's heater so it remains constant. You choose the temperature to suit you: So you relax! We also need a comfortable, secure place to help us shed the rigours of the day. As a waterbed 'wraps' around you, cossetts you and gives a tremendous feeling of security; you relax! With this improved sleeping conditions, the chances of overcoming insomnia are far greater, thus giving a much improved quality of life.